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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Aquaphalt™?

Aquaphalt is an environmentally friendly permanent repair material for asphalt and concrete road surfaces.

What Is Aquaphalt™  Used For?

Aquaphalt is used for repairing potholes, pavement damage, parking lots, utility cuts, tennis courts, walkways, bridge joints, manhole restorations and driveways. It is easy to use and leaves you with a permanent repair.

How Is Aquaphalt™ Better Than Other Asphalt Patch Or Repair Products?

In three simple ways:

How Long Does Aquaphalt™ Take To Set Up?

In normal conditions Aquaphalt’s proprietary binder reacts with water within 15 minutes and roadway repairs can be opened to normal traffic upon completion of work. In fact, road traffic actually helps with final compaction of the product. Within 24 hours, the repair is completely set up and permanent.

Can I Apply A Seal Coat On Top Of Aquaphalt™?

Yes. If using a sealer, wait 24 hours for Aquaphalt to set up completely.

How Long Does Aquaphalt™ Last?

Aquaphalt is the only truly permanent repair. The repair will be stronger than the surrounding material, and typically outlasts the surrounding material. Existing repairs in Europe are more than 10 years old and still performing well.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Aquaphalt™?

Aquaphalt reacts with water — and it will also react with moisture in the air.  Therefore, shelf life of an open container depends on how well the package is resealed and humidity in its environment. An open container will get hard with ambient air in a matter of days; a sealed container will last at least a year or more.

How Should I Store Aquaphalt™?

Store Aquaphalt in a cool, dry place and avoid freezing temperatures. Lengthy exposure to hot temperatures may cause liquid to settle at the bottom of the container. It is advisable to invert the container when carrying it to the job site (ie: you can put it in your truck upside-down). If the product freezes, allow it to thaw before use.

How Is Aquaphalt™ “Environmentally Friendly?”

Unlike other asphalt repair products containing toxic solvents, Aquaphalt has a proprietary, plant-based binder which is completely safe to the environment and contains absolutely no VOCs. Aquaphalt is a virtual food grade product...but we advise against eating it!

What Is In Aquaphalt™?

Aquaphalt is comprised of traditional aggregate (stone) and a proprietary, plant-based binder and vegetable oil. When the binder reacts with plain water during application, it sets up to form a permanent repair.

Why Does Aquaphalt™ Come In Different Sizes?

Aquaphalt comes in a 9.0mm size, a 6.0mm size, and a 4.0mm size. The different sizes indicate the maximum aggregate size of the stone in the product. The larger size (the 9.0mm) is best for forming base layers in holes deeper than 4 inches. The medium size (the 6.0mm) is best for smooth surface layers or filling smaller holes. The smaller size (the 4.0mm) is best for filling cracks and skim coating.

How Do You Install Aquaphalt™?

It is simple. First, clean any loose debris out of the damaged area. If there remains a bit of water left in the hole, do not worry, the new material will displace it and residual water will help with the reaction. Open the bucket and pour the Aquaphalt into the hole. If it is a particularly large or deep hole, compact the repair in layers of 2 inches deep until the area is full. Level the material, then pour plain water onto the entire surface of your Aquaphalt, covering your material. Lastly, compact the material well. PLEASE VISIT WWW.AQUAPHALT.COM FOR OUR SIMPLE INSTALLATION VIDEO, PICTURES, AND MORE!

What Is The Optimum Amount Of Water To Be Added To Aquaphalt™ To Assure Peak Performance?

One gallon of water per bucket.

Does Aquaphalt™ Come In Bulk, Or Just Buckets?

Only BUCKETS. Because of Aquaphalt’s unique proprietary binder, it reacts with water to form a permanent repair, and therefore must be store in its sealed bucket until use. We are considering alternative packaging, so please talk to us about your packaging preferences.

What is the coverage rate of Aquaphalt?

One 55 pound bucket of Aquaphalt will cover approximately 5 square feet at 1 inch thick.

Is Aquaphalt™ Approved By Any State D.O.T.S?

Yes! Aquaphalt is approved by the DOTs in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

How Can I Become A Re-Seller Of Aquaphalt™?

Contact us, email us at or go to for more information.

What Kind Of Warranty Does Aquaphalt™ Offer?

Check our website for complete warranty information.

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